Monthly Archives: April 2010

Vegetarian and Vegan Search Engines + Restaurant Discounts

I have had quite a few requests to make veg versions of Recipe Puppy, which lets you search recipes by ingredients. In response I have created two new search engines, Vegetarian Recipe Search and Vegan Recipe Search.

I am also excited about recipe coupons and restaurant gift certificates, two very very similar new sites that make it easier to find restaurant coupons near you.

All these sites are works in progress, so let me know if anything is not working as expected.

Amazon Kindle in Linux

I have started reading a lot of books on my iphone, and was hoping to install it under Ubuntu 9.10.

Unfortunately, there is is no linux version yet and the Lifehacker instructions did not work for me.

Luckily I have virtualbox installed an the Windows kindle reader installed perfectly under XP. Unfortunately you can’t search within the book, which makes my copy of The Flavor Bible a lot less useful.